Oh Holy Night Calligraphy Scroll

When I first came up with the idea of the calligraphy scrolls I had no idea how much you ladies would love these scrolls. I wanted something organic, timeless and beautiful. I first thought it would be great to hand draw each scroll but knew due to time and my perfectionism, there would be no way of finishing this long task. 
The 'Oh Holy Night' scroll was my first test piece and it's by far the favorite. I plan to expand the scrolls for each holiday, occasion and may add in some custom scrolls as there's been plenty that have asked already!
The scroll itself is printed on a 35" thick craft paper to offer the organic, timeless feel I was looking for. I love how much these scrolls make an impact above any fireplace or mantel for the holiday season. 

Held with two very strong magnets on each side of the scroll, this offers a non-destructive way to adjust the height of the scroll desired. 

I hope you love the scroll as much as I do and I can't wait to see yours in your home! 
Much love, Alyssa


  • Claire

    How do I buy the “The weary world rejoices” scroll? I love that one.

  • KIm

    Love to buy the Oh Holy Nighy

  • Heather Burton

    Is this available to purchase?

  • Virginia Krobath

    Can you tell me how I can purchase the “Oh Holy Night Callligraphy Scrol”?

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