Our Building- Repainted

I often times forget we own a commercial building. Crazy, right?! We love owning a piece of history in Millersburg. From the gorgeous tin ceilings in Farmhouse Frocks to the overlooking views of our Though the salmon pink and teal colors that covered the building have been great for a couple years, it was time for something new. MisDIY was so gracious to share a beautiful blog on her stay at our Flat earlier this year. You can find her full blog here. Here's a look at the "before". 

Photo via MisDIY

And the new "after"... yay!! We decided to hit the building with more neutral greige tones to balance everything out. NOTE: I will post the colors here when I get the paint splotches back from the painter! We LOVE the new transformation.
We love having Farmhouse Frocks in the bottom store as Lena and her girls bring so much charm to downtown. We added new doors last spring and now with the new color, everything completes its look. Fantastic, right?!

Right beside the store entrance, one can enter into The Urban Flat; our downtown Airbnb vacation rental. Perfect for those coming to stay in the Amish Country area. Right along the main street in town, the new color really makes a difference.

We love all the details and character this building holds. We especially love improving and adding quality to our building. I can't help but glance every time we roll by, just to see what's going on.

What're your thoughts on the new color? More of a timeless and clean look, right? We love it, as I've mentioned way too many times! If you're ever in the Holmes County area, make sure to stop by Lena's booming storefront and pop in for a stay at our Flat!

Hugs, Alyssa

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