Our Little Douglas

If you've been following our story for awhile now, you would have noticed our sweet little guy, Douglas. He is our cutie, little rescue squirrel from a couple summers ago and though I've never written a blog on Dougie, I receive so many questions about him daily. Long overdue, I wanted to share how we came about Douglas and wanted to share his story with you all. 

Two summers ago we were headed to go on a weekend camping trip. My husband and I were traveling down a back road when Taylor abruptly slammed on the breaks and pulled over to the side of the road. He hopped out of the car and returned with a small baby squirrel. My husband has hawk eyes so when he saw this small baby squirrel alongside the road, he knew something was wrong. 
We took Douglas in and nursed him back to health. He soon found a special place in our hearts and became apart of the family. Fast forward two years, he is loved every day and loves all the cuddles he receives.
I thought I would also share some of the frequently asked questions we receive weekly. 
Where does Dougie go to the restroom? Douglas stays in a large bird cage where he spends much of his time. He relieves himself in his cage and is not potty-trained. When we get him out to play every day, he has accidents on occasion but nothing I worry about. 

Do we have to trim his nails? Yes, we surely do. Squirrels have very sharp nails for gripping on trees and climbing. My husband and I are human trees to him and he enjoys scaling our bodies to play. My husband and I always have small scratches all over our bodies from play times with Dougie. 

Where does he sleep? We have a small hammock that he likes making a nest in, in his cage. Old towels and shirts keep him snuggly warm and comfortable. 

How's does he do with our cat Peaches? We surprisingly aren't worried about the cat getting Doug whereas we're more worried about Dougie getting Peaches, haha! Though he is small, Douglas can surely hold his own weight. Anytime we get Douglas out to play, the cat goes outside on the porch or down in the basement. 

What does Douglas eat? Dougie enjoys a vegetarian-like diet consisting of leafy greens, nuts, and berries. He absolutely loves avocado and banana chips for crunch! He loves chomping on furniture and anything he can get his little buck-teeth around! We constantly have to be watching him so he doesn't get into the pantry or things he shouldn't be in. My faux florals are one of those...

Is Douglas a cuddler? He sure is. He absolutely loves butt scratches and kisses from Taylor and I. He loves when I hold him and he snuggles his face into my fingers and palm. He loves the warmth of our hands and feels comforted by our touch. Douglas sleeps when the sun goes down and wakes when the sun rises. In the evening when he's cuddled in for bed, I get him out occasionally to get my snuggles in. I love holding him and loving on his sweet face. 

Can other people hold Douglas? Negative. He is only comfortable with Taylor and I which unfortunately means no cuddles for others. 

We absolutely love Douglas and the joy he's brought to our family. Taylor and I both enjoy watching him grow. He sure has so much character and we laugh at him all time for the joy he brings us. 
We are so happy we can share him with you guys. I hope this blog post answers your questions about Dougie! You can always find more posts about Douglas here on my Instagram page

Hugs, Alyssa

Please note that squirrels can be very aggressive and I do not recommend trying to catch or hold a wild squirrel. 

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