Our Pantry Is In The Kitchen!

Holy smokes- where have the days gone! Summer is slipping away and the mornings are getting cooler here in Ohio. We've been slowly chipping away projects at the farmhouse and this past weekend, we got our antique pantry base IN THE KITCHEN! Yay!!

I bought the large pantry (it has a top part that's super tall) from Marshall's Antique Warehouse several years ago and you may recognize it from the shoppe. We had brought this beast into the shoppe for extra display shelves until we were ready for it at the farmhouse. 

Cottonwood Shanty Shoppe

With drywall all complete, we opted to start laying flooring (which you can check out here). Well... I've made my way into the kitchen which meant we needed to start installing our cabinets so I could finish our flooring. So drumroll, please!

Vintage, Antique Kitchen Cupboard
Old Furniture in New Build

Isn't this cabinet a beaut?! I had painted it a slate black when we brought it into the shoppe- keeping the original knobs and locks. The cabinet will need a paint refreshing but at least it's in the kitchen! Cutting some hydrangeas and roses from the garden was necessary for showing it off to you guys, too! 

Custom Arched Vent Hood Cut Hydrangeas
Marble Backsplash

We plan to remove the boards off the top and we may have to cut the height down somehow because I want our quartz countertops to span from the stove to the corner of the pantry. Once the counters are installed, we can bring in the top of this cabinet to finish the installation. This pantry will hide our microwave, coffee maker and dry goods so I wanted a clean surface to be able to brew coffee on (I'll explain this later).

We plan to make this cabinet look like it was built into the house- it's our old in the new!
Cottonwood Shanty Kitchen
So whatcha think?! It's finally in the kitchen! Our counters are getting measured soon for final templates so that's exciting! 

Hugs, Alyssa


  • Cheryl

    What a great piece!
    Will look fabulous in your kitchen when it’s done.

  • Katy

    Absolutely Gorgeous,Love watching the process!!

  • Connie Crawford

    This will really be amazing. When my husbands parents passed we inherited items from the barn and the house. I love mixing old and new. My favorite is old wooden pulleys, I use for a curtain rod holder in my living room, makes my lace curtains! Have a great week. 😊

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