Our Season Of Life- 2017 Round Up

Can we believe that the year has come to another end? With every blink of an eye, another week passed. This year has been yet another eventful one and it came with so much learning and discipline. 
In the early months of 2017, we were able to start up The Urban Flat- our downtown vacation rental. We had so much fun decking the Flat out for others to enjoy. It has been such a learning curve and blessing to us this year. I love stepping into the Flat as it feels like an extension to the history of Millersburg. 
We knew going into the 2017 year that it was called to be a "debt-pay-off" year. Those three little words held so much weight until we started taking the Dave Ramsey Money Management classes within our church back in March. It was life changing. We were able to learn about budgeting, debt and most importantly: communication about finances. I would consider our relationship pretty high on communication but we didn't know how to see from the same level of finances... if that makes sense. We had the same end goal in mind but didn't have the clear pathway to that goal. 

As the spring/summer months rolled around, I was able to start my first flower garden. Something creates that itch for pretty flowers in the dead of winter, ya know? I was inspired by Erin of Floret Flowers to take the leap and from there, I followed my green thumb! It was a definite highlight of my summer and we were graced with a bountiful of beautiful blooms all season!

Fall quickly snuck up and in the drying season, I slowly prepped for the busy scroll season ahead. I took on two larger home/garden shows with the scrolls it sure was a great thing. You guys once again, loved the scrolls and I loved meeting y'all.

As I look back on 2017, I stand proud of all that happened. We met our goal of becoming debt free (yay!) and there was so many more memories that were made. I'm looking forward to a fresh new year full of possibilities and more learning. Thank you for being apart of our story. 

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