Our Antique Crystal Bedroom Knobs

Taylor surprised me this past Christmas by getting us the most gorgeous antique crystal knobs for our old barn doors that will be installed on the bedroom doors, eventually. He knew that I had been scouring eBay endlessly looking up antique hardware and he found the perfect set to match the esthetic of the new farmhouse.

I've talked before about these doors here but we plan to clean the doors up a little, seal them and frost the glass parts for privacy. These two barn doors are so unexpected (and massive) and that's why I fell in love with them. 

What's so great about these antique knobs is that they're a full hardware set, including latch, lock and knob plates. Way cool! We may have to do some jimmy-riggin' to get them into the doors but I think these knobs will be another "old element" to the new house.

Aren't they so cool and elegant? They're a stunning antique brass and crystal. So excited to get these doors installed when the house is finished!

Hugs, Alyssa

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