Painting A Sand Stone Fireplace

Today my momma and I conquered her long needed revamp of the dinning room. First on the list was painting their sand stone fire place. Mom wanted to replace her country tan primitive style with lighter colors and a fresher farmhouse style. 

I'll be posting another blog later on the whole renovation and look of the entire dinning room. 


We stopped at Lowes and picked up Valspar primer + paint. We decided to go with primer to fill in all the textures of the sand stone. We ended up only doing one coat of primer (which took the longest) and one coat of the paint! We thought it would be easier to roll on the paint but we found with the texture and creases in the stone, we could only brush on the paint. 


The finished product. A much fresh look that was needed. We used Sherwin Williams "Blue Mountaintop" on the walls and used a bright white on the fireplace. We loved the turnout of the fireplace and was so easy to update. For the brass inner opening, we used a flat matte black spray paint and tapped off the glass. A sleek timeless touch. 

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