Petite Fairy Garden- DIY

The days are slowly growing warmer by the week here in Ohio and as every spring rolls around, I grow more and more impatient to get my hands in the dirt. I stumbled across this fairy garden conservatory while going through the garden shed and was instantly inspired to create a petite fairy garden to satisfy my spring craving.

Snagging one of our worn terracotta planters from our shoppe, this vessel made the perfect plot for my magical inspiration. I stuck a mother fern, wire vine and a small fern start around the greenhouse- creating a lush and whimsical place for my fairies to live and garden in.

I always find it amusing to stumble across something you've had tucked away and be instantly struck with the initial inspiration of the piece. Not to mention it's always so nice to shop the things you already own!

One evening I had the idea to tuck a candle into the arrangement to light up my pea gravel walkway to the greenhouse. I grabbed one of my flameless candle tapers, wrapped a plastic baggie around the base of the taper and stuck it into the garden. If we offered a tealight flameless candle, I would have loved to stick the flickering light into the greenhouse to let the light bounce off of the glass- how much more magical, right?!

I can't wait for Jules to get a bit bigger so we can create more magical pieces like this petite fairy garden together. When I take the time to create intentional projects like this, I always feel renewed and motivated in a new way. 

I hope this little garden was as inspirational to you as it was for me.

Hugs, Alyssa

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