Planting Shoppe Fall Flower Boxes

How we're into the end of September is mind boggling to me! It seems like we just planted the spring flower beds not too long ago. Never the less, the seasons come and go. Autumn here in Amish Country has to be one of my favorites for it's chilly days, beautiful bright leaves, and slow living ways. If you're planning on visiting us this fall, check out our blog on a few stops you must make here. 
The time has come to give our front shoppe flower beds some attention with mums and pumpkins! I was inspired by the deep pink hues of the kale heads that I opted to go with colors of purple, pink and shades of green this fall.
I love how the pink and reddish hues coordinate with the kale heads. So feminine and chic! We opted to cut back our vines that we previously had this past summer and gave them a nice trimming. The vines add a vertical interest to the beds.
 Our Silver Lace Vine (in the containers) didn't bloom this year, yet again. I'm wondering if it's too root bound in the container and not getting the sun needed. In a few weeks, I think I'm going to take it out and replace it with some juniper trees or boxwood. I have a place at the farmhouse that could use a climbing vine and that way it will be in full sun and be in the ground! Double win! 
 Thanks for popping by for some inspiration! How's the weather where you live?! Does it feel like autumn yet? Want to see the whole process on film? Check it out below!
Hugs, Alyssa

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