Plumbing Install- Faucet/Sink Sources

I think it’s time for a little house update.. don’t you guys think? Things have been pretty quiet over at the new house because of our busy schedules and as you guys know- we’re onto some of the vital “boring” projects of the house. A few weeks ago we got our plumbing installed and though it’s not the most exciting- it’s still EXCITING! It’s progress being made!
We had the pleasure of working with Cline Plumbing from Millersburg and I have nothing but great words to say about those men! From all our crazy wall faucets and abnormal installations- they were fabulous to work with. I thought I’d break down each of the rooms and source out the faucets/hardware we chose. So far, I’ve been nothing but impressed with the “small budget”, great value we’ve received.


My husband absolutely loves copper metallic so we decided to mix metals in the kitchen. Our whole feel and goal for the house is to make it feel like the personalities of us both. While I like clean, classic elements… he’s my mix of rustic, warm elements. We’ll be using an antique brass faucet mixed with a beautiful copper sink. I was a little hesitant to mix the two metallics as I thought they would compete with each other but I feel with the addition of a sleek white marble counter… it will be a perfect mix of the two.
We bought most of our faucets and sinks from Wayfair. Specifically for the majority of the faucets, I went with Kingston Brass on Wayfair. I felt their prices were reasonable and they had beautiful products. Though I can’t speak for their function just yet, I was very impressed by the quality when we received them. I especially am fond of the antique brass finish they offer. So yummy!!
Antique brass sink faucet: Kingston Brass Heritage Bridge Faucet
Antique brass pot filler faucet: Kingston Brass Restoration Kitchen Pot Filler


Our laundry room is pretty basic but I did find this gorgeous concrete sink that we will be using in there. We opted for a wall mounted faucet in here to complete the sink look. I couldn’t find the exact faucet we bought but it’s similar to the one listed below. The concrete sink looks very similar to this one from Remodeliste. Photo of white space shot by Ellie Lillstrom.


It’s hard to imagine these spaces done since everything is still in the framing process but if you can look past that, it’s going to be gorgeous! In the spare bathroom, we have the claw foot tub, a walk in shower and an old antique vanity.
Vanity wall mounted faucet: DeCOR Design Wall Mounted Faucet
Claw foot tub faucet/drain kit: Kingston Brass Tub Kit



Back in the master bath we decided to go with the antique brass faucets like out in the kitchen. I wanted it to feel elegant but also with worn character. I found this antique vanity that will be repainted in a soft gravel blue color and we have vessel sinks to sit on top. Back in the walk in shower, I wanted a brass shower head that was exposed. I am drawn to the historic charm this look offers and I think it’ll be beautiful and unexpected. What I found when searching for an antique brass (exposed) shower head… they become very pricey, quick. I opted for a clawfoot tub shower head package since it was in price range and we have taller ceilings (which allowed us to use this product). I’m curious to see how this look turns out in the end.
Wall mounted sink faucets: Kingston Brass Wall Mounted Faucet
Exposed brass shower faucet: Kingston Brass Wall Mounted Shower Package

Next up on the project list: Electric and HVAC! I’m starting to see things pull together which is exciting. We’re not rushing the project and letting things happen when we can afford them and move forward. This allows us to dream of what we need and want AND to enjoy the process. Questions over the project? Ask below!
Hugs, Alyssa

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  • Rachel

    Wow, this is going to be amazing! I am curious about appliances for your kitchen, what color do you think you’ll go with? I can’t wait to see it!!

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