Roe Deer Mounts

We recently received some gorgeous happy mail from Austria! Taylor has been a long admirer of roe deer mounts for years (all taxidermy at that) and when he showed me pictures a few weeks ago- I fell in love, too. The roe deer has a culturally rich hunting history in Europe (alongside the red stag).

As Taylor is a big hunter, I strive to mix my french farmhouse style with his rustic nature. I think we both can agree that we loved the old hunting chateaus/lodges that we found in Europe. With admiration for the beautiful nature of skulls and nature- these mounts add the perfect European farmhouse style to our living room. 

The roe deer has a petite antler compared to our Ohio whitetail deer; with a mature roe averaging around 6 points. We also love that the traditional European skull mounts have a particular cut that results in the mount laying flush on the wall.

We have the three roe deer mounts next to our plastered "chateau" walls. In the center of the gallery wall, Taylor hung one of his deer mounts. The living room now feels like the perfect mix of us both.

Thanks for popping by the blog today! I hope you found some inspiration while scrolling through!

Hugs, Alyssa


  • Portia Lary

    Do you have any mounts(roe deer) for sale?

  • Lindsey

    What kind of mount is the skull on? We’re getting one done now!!

  • Deer Mounts Rochester

    Great! That was a really good blog about Deer Mounts. Thanks for sharing it with us! Keep up the good work!


  • Melissa

    How do they get that crisp white look? My husband’s deer that he has done that to, don’t look like that.🌻

  • Kim

    This looks great! I’ve seen these before but never knew what kind of animal they came from. Learn something new everyday…..I love how you mix styles and this looks fabulous 😀

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