Rustic Fall Farmhouse Dining Room

Happy Thursday lovelies! Today, I thought I would share with you our rustic small dining room for the Thanksgiving season! I have Christmas in our living room and fall still in our dining room..  which is okay with me because I love how cozy it all is! Our kitchen has tones of copper, whites/creams and a blue/gray color. 
My favorite piece/pieces in our dining room are of course this gorgeous pantry that was left behind from the previous owners and our dining room table (which I scored for a whoppin' $30)! Our pantry like I mentioned was a score that came with the house and I love all the stories this thing holds. When we bought our house two years ago, it received a huge scrubbing and some wallpaper sanding on the inside. I've thought about painting this piece a very shabby chic white but just can't bring myself to do it. 

Funny story about the white pumpkins.. last fall when the season was over, I must have dumped all the rotting pumpkins at the burn pile. This year we were magically blessed with loads of white pumpkins that grew! Total win. 
Our dining room lights have a great story to them as well. They add so much texture and character to them as well. The chandelier is old car jacks that were repurposed for the lights... cool right?!
I wanted to keep things super simple and natural in here for the thanksgiving season as it is a very small space. I'm glad you stopped by and you can view how our home looked before we start renovation two years ago HERE
Hugs, Alyssa

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