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Drum roll, please!! After a long wait for the perfect table, we have success! I wanted to share with y'all our whoopin' $10 farmhouse table. Say what?! Yes. After using old pieces that were laying around, I can proudly say this is the table that was to be for the space (and our wallet). 
I wanted something rustic but something that wouldn't scream "I'M RUSTIC AND I'M HERE!" kinda thing, ya know?! So after much thought, we ended up building our own table.
With the help of our in-laws, we snagged up some old oak barn wood that was laying around. After cutting them to length, cleaning and letting them dry, we moved onto the next step. We used wood glue and biscuits to hold the three pieces together. Once letting dry over night, we had our slab of table top ready for preserving.
We first used a Watco Danish Oil wood preserve and brushed on multiple layers until we ran out of that. I then picked up a Watco Teak Oil from Walmart (not the same but fairly close to the danish oil) and then we applied one more layer to the top and the bottom slab. The teak oil was slightly runnier than the danish oil but did the job. After letting a day to dry, we then applied our "recycled" legs that we pulled off of an old dining table. All in all, costing us only ten whoopin' dollars for a sleek, rustic-traditional dining room table! 

I loved mixing these modern ghost chairs that I snagged from Ebay a year back. They let the light through and make the space feel open and airy. 
I also love all the swirling cutting marks on each of the table boards. The table has such beautiful texture and character.
It was great to reuse these iron legs off an old table we had. For one, it didn't cost a dime and they offer a sleek, traditional style. I love this table and I love the history that it holds coming from an old family barn. The character and the charm this table holds is what makes it extra special for this vacation rental.

I'm excited that this was one of the last pieces to complete The Urban Flat. Stay tuned later this week as I share more information on how you can book a stay here in the historic downtown Millersburg! 
Hugs, Alyssa

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  • Sky

    I love this table. Can I ask where you got the iron base from?

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