Rustic Kitchen Shelf:: IKEA Brackets

Happy Easter weekend to you all! Things have kind of crazy here trying to finish projects up at The Flat (our vacation rental in downtown Millersburg). We had our first guests coming in to stay this weekend and were so tickled BUT that meant hustle time! I'll be sharing more of the before and afters of this space soon! 
With finally finishing that project, yesterday I was able to get around to putting this rustic shelf up in the cottage. The cottage is a space right beside our home that I package all the scrolls out of and design in. We had semi-finished this space last fall right before I moved my photography studio here. There are still some small things that need finished but in due time. 
I picked up these IKEA shelf brackets last fall. I loved the simplicity of the black ironwork and knew they would look great paired with a rustic wood shelf! 

Yesterday was a "play day" for me.. I was able to wonder and do whatever my heart wished. Including snagging some spring branches to top off this space and bring life into the cottage. I love that these shelves now are practical and someday they can host pretty plates and bowls. 
I hope you guys find some inspiration from this project! Go out and hang your own shelf for a simplistic look. Happy Easter! He Is Risen!! 

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