Secret Garden Inspired Console Table

With the gardens growing rapidly and becoming lush with every spring rain we get, I wanted to bring that same secret garden inspiration indoors. As many of you know, we have this gorgeous console table in our dining room (it's a great placeholder for the vision I have for this space) that was needing some green love. 

After playing around with some of the pieces I've collected over the years from our shoppe and markets, this secret garden inspired look came to life. 

I anchored the left side of the vignette with one of our concrete footed bowls full of our gorgeous moss balls. Adding height to the table, these chateau candle sticks and flameless candle sticks offer ambience in the mornings and evenings. Some antique quails tucked between the concrete bowl and candlesticks offer a whimsical old touch. The quails also pair perfectly with a antique brass and mirror riser I found not too long ago. And capping off the right side of the table sits a terracotta pot holding baby tears with one of our gold crowns to cap off the pot. 

I love how the ivy will slowly grow here inside and hopefully crawl up my old wood mirror. With the large mirror and table mirror riser, the candle light bounces around and makes everything feel very soft in the evenings. I love this lush inspired look. What do you think?

Hugs, Alyssa

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