Seed Starting + Garden Inspiration

About three weeks ago (though I was still a little behind then), I started seeds in the greenhouse. I first started growing my own cut flowers last summer and with the take-off of the zinnias, I fell in love. Last year I successfully grew zinnias, dahlias, cosmos, and foxglove. This year I decided to grow some different flowers and I already am seeing sprouts! 

What I love about growing my own flowers from seed stems from this quote:

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” -Audrey Hepburn


This year I have some different flowers in the soil. My sweet husband bought me a dozen flower seeds for Valentine's for me to plant. In the mix were some flowers I never heard of, more zinnias, and some poppy seeds. I don't think I'll dedicate a whole bed to zinnias again this year but I love how easy they are to grow!

Last fall I had purchased some tulip bulbs including some blush frilly tops that caught my eye! This spring they were so beautiful when they all bloomed. My husband loves daffodils so we planted half a bed dedicated to those! 

As I mentioned last summer, I love coming down to the greenhouse and flower beds. It's still a major work in progress but in the upcoming year to next year, I see a lot more additions. We plan to add a fence around the vegetable and flower garden so that the sweet buns can't feast on our bounties.

Right now the peonies are blooming and those are my favorite flower due to their sweet scent and bountiful petals. 

Garden Inspiration 

Curious to see some of my inspiration for the garden? I would love to add more flower beds, some pea gravel, and more stone architectural pieces. I'm drawn to the simplicity and beauty of the french country gardens.  It's always a work in progress but that's where the true discipline and beauty comes from.

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  • Brianna W

    Hi! I was just wondering what the color on the shutters is please? It looks like a black with greenish hue? Thank you so much for any feedback you are able to provide :) -Bri

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