Shoppe Flower Window Boxes

We planted up our flower beds a tad early this year due to warmer weather and I'm so thankful for this head start. The flowers have been planted for almost a month now and they're filling in nicely.
Momma and I took a trip to the local greenhouse and stocked up on all the pretties. I knew I wanted luscious greens and pops of fresh white florals for this year. This is our first year in the storefront and planting up the flowers for the front made me really excited for this shoppe season.

Mom helped me so much and it was another great experience with her. I loved hearing what she would plant and what she thought would go great together. We kept it pretty basic with some petunias, some grasses and potato vine.

For the front door planters, I snagged the planters from the chicken coop and added a Silver Lace Vine to each one. Since we bought the building a few years back, I always dreamt of some kind of floral vine growing up the pillars and over the doorway. I am always inspired by the Parisian and French countryside gardens with beautiful climbing roses. We opted for this Silver Lace Vine rather than the climbing roses since we would be planting in the large container, however. The greenhouse lady was worried about climbing roses freezing in the winter months without the security of ground planting.

This vine grows SO FAST! I've been so impressed with how well it's been doing. So much new growth has shot off in the few short weeks of planting and I sincerely think it will easily grow halfway up the post this year! This makes me happy because I was worried it would take several years to grow upward- looking awkward. Very, very happy with how it's doing. This vine will grow and blossom little whimsical white blooms all season too.

I'm so excited to see everything continue to fill in for this first summer season. There's nothing better than seeing blooms through our windows.
Hugs, Alyssa



  • Helen Keitak

    I am trying to find the floral scroll reprinted as it is retiring..I couldn’t find it under reprinted scrolls. I want it reprinted on brown Kraft paper in the 3 foot size…awaiting your reply-

  • Abigail Miller

    I’m curious what the vine is you have growing up your front pillars? I am looking for something to grow up a pergola that I can keep in a pot. Thanks!

  • Becky Neal

    The flowerboxes are gorgeous! I want to live in your store!

  • Lynsey

    These planters are beautiful. I love how they brighten up your already beautiful store front. The flowers you chose are lovely, simple yet elegant.

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