Shoppe Summer Flower Boxes- Pastel Pink + Green

We're in the midst of the warm summer months and our front flower boxes are bustling with pastel pink hues and variegated greens. I always love sharing our window boxes with you guys so that you can gather inspiration for your own window boxes/planters. I love this time of year because the flowers have filled in and have made a lush coverage of subtle colors and textures.

The big difference for the front of the shoppe was the addition of our large cast iron urns that flank the entry. In the past, we had two containers planted with two silver lace vines that I recently moved over to the farmhouse. I replaced them with two spiral blue juniper trees which feels more tidy and kept.

This year I felt inspired by the sage/blush potato vine and decided to go with different variations of the green leaves with pops of the white and pastel pink blooms. We planted three weeping potato vines in each of the boxes and stuffed white impatiens throughout since we have a north facing building that doesn't receive direct sunlight.

Centering each of the boxes, we planted three pastel pink geraniums and planted some smaller green grasses for height in the back row. To fill in any gaps, we planted variegated Swedish ivy which add to the texture and visual interest of the boxes.

I love the soft, subtle feel these boxes have this summer. I think the addition of the spiral topiaries and gorgeous cast iron urns flanking the doorway was the right choice. I hope you were able to grab some inspiration for your window boxes or planters!

Hugs, Alyssa

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  • David Williamson

    Have been looking for iron urns! Will you share your source? Thanks!

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