Shoppe Window Boxes- Cool Caladiums

We're halfway through summer and I wanted to share how our front shoppe window boxes are looking! This summer, I decided to plant the boxes in shades of green and white for a nice cooling look.

The window boxes face north and only get glimpses of the direct sun in the morning and afternoon so we needed something that could handle the shade/sun light. I started with these gorgeous "Allure" caladiums which have a large bleached leaves with green veining. I love these as a centerpiece to really bring all the colors together and these truly inspired this color palette for this season. 

I mixed in these gorgeous ruffly petunias, "Supercascade White" and some of the "Super Olympia White" begonias for pops of white. I love the ruffly edges of these petunias as they feel romantic and dainty against all the other greens. Vinca vine and some lime green sweet potato vines spill over the edges of the boxes to really contrast all the green hues. Some whispy cotton candy ferns played into our cool shade color palette, too! 

 I always love sharing our window boxes each season so that you can be inspired to plant up your containers. If you want to take a look back, check out the blog featuring all our shoppe posts here
Hugs, Alyssa

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