Silver Lace Vine & Porch Arbor

Earlier this spring I brought home our two silver lace vines I had in front of our shoppe front door. I had dreams of this vine making a stunning green arbor over our shoppe door with dainty white blooms. Because our shoppe doesn't receive full sun (rather a little morning and evening sun), in the last two years it never bloomed. Bummer!
I decided to uproot the vine and bring it home to the farmhouse to be planted in the ground. We have two arbors on our large back deck that I thought would be a perfect spot. I planted them earlier this spring about mid April and they've completely taken off since!

If you're looking for a fast vine grower, the silver lace vine may be perfect for your garden! They're a zone 5-9 and do pretty well with poor soil even. They're (supposed) to flush clusters of white blooms in the late spring and again in early fall. What I love about this vine is how quickly it grows. When I planted them this spring, they were a quarter of this size!

We topped our 8x8" posts off with two 2x10x8" treated boards to finish out the arbors. Because of budget, this back deck still doesn't have finished railing but finishing this arbor was one step closer. We plan to purchase a black railing very similar to what we used on our other two decks. 

 My fingers are crossed to have the vine bloom this early fall. I'm fully expecting to have the vine reach up over the arbor this season. On the opposite side, I have a couple Claire Austin roses climbing. I will love the combo of the roses and these dainty blooms together!

Thanks for popping in, Alyssa

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  • ELma

    Oh I really love this!! I hope I can find that vine!!

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