Small Touches Added To Bathroom

You all know those small project around the home that you always say you're going to do in the slow winter months? Yeah, we have a few of those too! Since I didn't do them last winter, (like I thought I would) it was time to do them this year. A couple weeks ago I finished up the small quarter round that needed installed in the back office. This past weekend, it was the bathrooms turn for some TLC.

Below is a photo taken before I dove into painting the walls and adding in some small touches. If you want to see the full "before" of our bathroom/home, visit here. I loved the light green shade on the walls before but it didn't feel as elegant and timeless as I had originally wanted. 

I had some left over paint from our bedroom walls (it's the perfect shade of greige) that I absolutely love! It's called Stone Isle by Sherwin Williams and I could paint the entire home in this color and be happy as a clam. An hour and a half later, the bathroom felt completely different!

Back when we first started renovating our home in 2014, I found these two vintage lights at a local thrift store. I enjoyed the detailing and shape of them so much that we hung them in the bathroom to add some character.

Completing this small bathroom update, I pulled in a tall vintage mirror to sit on the vanity counters. I absolutely loved how this added dimension and pulled the color of the floating shelves to the other side of the bathroom.

The mirror adds height and really enhances the lights now whereas, before, I felt they made the space feel smaller. The bathroom feels so fresh and elegant now with loads of charm. What do you think of new updates? Do you like the before or the after?! Remember from the last blog- your opinion, is your opinion! And there's nothing wrong with that!

Hugs, Alyssa

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