Stone Veneer Install- Part 1

Things are moving along over at the farmhouse and a few weeks ago, I started to install our stone veneer pieces on the walls. We have two peaked walls in the living room and dining room that needed something unexpected. We loved the look and authentic texture that stone walls have and decided to go the route of stone veneer. To note, too- I love the look of over-grouted stone (feels very old world to me) so that is the route we will be going once part 1 is finished.
We want our home to feel like a hunting chateau with taxidermy mounts and estate-ly features/details that one would have found many years ago. The addition of the stone veneer walls will certainly add to the chateau/cottage feel we would like to achieve. 

I found these Stone Master™ Gray Springbrook Veneer pieces on Menard's website a few months ago and once looking into the install process- I was intrigued because the veneer pieces are held only with a mastic adhesive (aka: no crazy install process). This stone veneer is good for interior/exterior and would be great for any project you could imagine- that I'm sure of. One thing I'm not crazy about is some of the coloring on the stone- there's deep hues of red which look very faux to me. To remedy this, when we over-grout the veneer, I hope we can blend the deeper undesired hues out.

In a matter of a half hour, I got half way up our wall and was highly impressed on the adhesive installation. I took a ribbed trowel, got a glob of the mastic adhesive, smeared it on the back of the veneer piece and pasted the stone onto the wall where I needed it. SUPER simple and not complicated.

As part 1 of this install, I'll just cover the adhesive installation. Once we get all the stone on the walls- I'll cover the grouting and finishing part of this install when we get to that point. Of course, check out the installation directions for yourself to see if it will work in your circumstance (they're under the product listing on the site).

I love the ease of putting the veneer on the walls and I think once completed with a  over-grout- it will be PERFECT for our new farmhouse. The combination of the kitchen arch and that stone... SO yummy! What do you think?

Hugs, Alyssa


  • Laura

    Hi! I’m going to do this around our fireplace. Did you put it right on the drywall or did you install cement board?


  • J

    Great job! Looks beautiful .

  • Katie

    Absolutely can see the vision; it already looks so warm and stunning. Looking forward to following along the journey! xo

  • Ti

    YES! YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES, YES!!! Thanks for taking is along!

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