The Besserina Homestead

This past week I had the opportunity to visit my sweet friend Bessie of Besserina. I met sweet Bessie years ago and since have participated in her Day In The Country shows in Randolf, Ohio. We've bonded over shared passions of the French countryside and airstreams. She has the sweetest of souls and has a story of strength and mercy.

I walked into her home for the first time and it was just as I envisioned. Kiddos shouting in the background, beautifully textured artisan pieces and patterned wallpaper dancing on the walls. She has a boldly painted pantry in the corner with the most fascinating mix-matched knobs that add a touch of whimsy. I love and admire her mix of old and new. 

A beautiful antique chandelier hangs over a large farm table that makes the perfect place for conversation and gathering. I love the way this gold shimmer bounces off of the deep hues of black. Bessie is such an artisan and just recently has started to make handmade wooden spoons.

 Turning around, you're greeted by her beautiful kitchen. She has these stunning handmade tiles that are so authentic and add visual interest to her kitchen. Her kitchen is total goals and the perfect setting her making her amazing vanilla meringues. My mouth waters thinking about those sweet treats!

Bessie, thanks for sharing your heart and home with me! I admire you in so many ways. Be watching for some of her handmade linen goods to make their way to our Shoppe this summer!
Hugs, Alyssa

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