The Clawfoot Tub

It was about 3-4 weeks ago when we were tossing around the ideas of bathtubs. Since all the framing is done now, plumbing and electric are up next! I had the hardest choice of choosing between a pedestal tub and a claw foot tub... geesh! Originally I had wanted a clawfoot tub but when we stumbled across a vintage pedestal tub at a salvage shop, I began thinking maybe that was the choice! Taylor wasn't much help in choosing as he didn't care either way! 

The pedestal tub felt a little more modern with its sleek lines and I felt the clawfoot tub was more romantic. As I reflected on the feeling I wanted in our home, I decided the clawfoot was the choice for us! And how perfect it is...

I found this cutie tub on Craigslist for a couple hundred dollars. Funny story because when I went to pick it up (relying on the guy who was selling it- as he told me he had a way of loading it in the truck), I went alone. Once I got to his place, I quickly realized that it was him and I dedicated to loading this beast of a princess. Never the less, we pulled out our muscle and with a light sweat, we had the tub loaded- phew! It's perfect!

It's the perfect addition to the spare bathroom. The dreamer in me can see our future babes taking baths in this beauty- totally worth all the sweat!

I love the placement of the tub underneath the bay of windows. If you saw on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago, I shared the beautiful antique chandelier that will hang above the tub too. Once we get the leaded glass cabinet doors cleaned up, I think it will be timeless in there on each side of the shower. 

The tub will need to be refinished but as I took the photos for this blog, a part of me absolutely loved the chipping white paint on the sides. SO, we may sand it down to get rid of the chipping paint BUT maybe we won't refinish the exterior... to be determined I guess!

The inside of the tub needs to be refinished as well. I'll be sharing the process of that when we come to that project. For now, you can catch me swooning over everything that's coming together! 

I'll be sharing more on the design and inspiration for each of the rooms in the upcoming months. It's my busy season of work- so balancing the home projects, working and keeping afloat... things are pretty crazy. The new (old) clawfoot tub definitely calms my soul though... even in the midst of construction.

Hugs, Alyssa

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