The Dormer Install Update

This past month has been pretty quiet over at the farmhouse until about a week ago. The last time I had blogged, I was informing you guys of our first steps of the renovations and construction of the new house.
About a week ago, the Amish men came and started installing the new dormers- very exciting! If you couldn't remember, this is what we started with and how the house looked one week ago! 

Below was the vision for the new addition of the dormers. One on each side of the main living peak. We loved the idea of the dormers balancing out the house and loved all the extra square footage we gained from the new space! 

And in one week (actually just three short days), we are left with two gorgeous new dormers! Yay! It's crazy how much can happen with these hardworking men! 

I absolutely love the new additions and things are starting to transform over here. We're just waiting on the new windows that should arrive later this week. Once those come in, they will be installed and the siding will be put back on for the complete look.

We plan to add some kind of wood arches in each of the peaks to add a small touch of design. The view from up in the dormers is beautiful overlooking the woods. 

Here's the inside look at the right side dormer. This was before they started tearing out all the non-support framing and trusses. I'll be sharing a complete blog post on the inside soon, as they just finished out everything today! Even more exciting! If you haven't been following along on my Instagram stories, be sure to do so! I share more current updates and changes over there! 

Here's also a quick peek at one of the old doors that will be installed. Gorgeous- right?! I'll be sharing more on all the door goodies I snagged last week and where I got them from! Thanks for following our progress!

Hugs, Alyssa

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