The Farmhouse Chicken Coop Making

One of the things that makes us so excited about moving over to the farm, is the options to have more chickens and animals... plus roaming room to grow. Right now my in-laws have chickens bursting at the seams! With the additions of 6 brahma chickens (a special thanks to my husband), one momma hen (named Petunia) and her 12 little babies which are growing at the speed of light, we were in need of another chicken coop. 

We had the option to purchase a finished coop but we decided to throw on the work gloves and build our own. That got my "dream-wheel" spinning! We knew we needed a coop that sat off the ground to eliminate the pesky rats that could build a home beneath the coop (our current problem with the existing coops). Another must have was a large run to allow the new chickens room to roam! 

On a sunny Saturday morning, we dug right into the large project ahead. That following Sunday, we had a roof and something that resembled a chicken coop!

I must say this coop project has been a little larger than I expected. BUT it's been a great learning and bonding experience! The next weekend rolled around and we were able to add on the wood siding! This really started to bring the coop alive. 

We up-cycled an old door to add onto the front. This coop door and the greenhouse door were off of the cottage (aka: my work studio)! Anytime we get the chance, I love incorporating older meaningful pieces to a new project. This was the perfect addition!

After the siding went on, the guys added the roof this past weekend while I caulked all the open spaces. It's really starting to look like a mini house! I'm quite jealous of those ladies for their cute get-up! 

To keep all predators out, we added the fencing to the bottom of the coop and run so nothing could dig under. We wanted and needed a safe home for these special ladies. 

I snagged some paint at Lowes and I went with Pure White from Sherwin Williams. After spraying and brushing the paint on, the coop had a different look going for her! I'm very excited to share the final reveal with you guys soon.


In the meantime, here's a quick peek at some of the elements of the finished coop! Cute, right?! I'm so excited to see the chickens in their new home soon.

In the reveal blog that I'll share in the next week, I will source all the goodies and give you guys the final look! Can you see the vision? I sure can!

Hugs, Alyssa

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