The Farmhouse Decks- Phase 2

Let Phase 2 of the deck projects commence! Last week I shared Phase 1 here. The exterior of the new house has drastically changed in the last week and I'm excited to share Phase 2 of the decks with TWO more porch designs with you guys. I can't tell you how much we love the new decks that span off the house. 

Deck 2 Design Plan:

Off the master bedroom is a sliding door that overlooks the flower/vegetable garden. This deck spans out about 9' and will be the sunrise experience as the sun peeks over the hill parallel to the deck in the morning. There will be a pergola structure of old, rustic beams for some sort of climbing vine in the future. The pergola will be about half the deck width and allow the other half to be full sun.


Deck 3 Design Plan:

On the front of the house is another sliding door that overlooks the driveway. We decided to put a smaller 6' wide deck that's free of vertical posts. Since my father-in-law's shop is below the house, we didn't want any support posts to get in the way of below projects coming in and out of the garages. This smaller deck will host little bistro meals and offer a spot to watch the sunsets.



That completes the plans and design ideas for all the porches now! Insulation is going in the house this week and drywall start next week... we're rollin' now! Stay tuned for more house updates!

Hugs, Alyssa

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