The Farmhouse- Our First Project

Last week I blogged about some exciting news happening this year with us! If you didn't catch the whole story, you can here. We're renovating an add-on at my in-laws and moving hopefully later this year! I briefly talked about our next steps with renovation and such but hadn't gone into depth with details. On the front part of the house (overlooking the driveway), we are adding two large dormers to each side of the house. This will be taking place in the next upcoming weeks/month.

The main reason for adding on the two dormers to each side of the house is to add more living space. Right now as the house sits, there are only 2 bedrooms and we potentially wanted a few more rooms for an extra bedroom and office space. Not only do the two dormers add square footage but it also adds dimension to the exterior of the house which looks visually appealing.

As you can see above in the top original photo, there are 3 garages that are below the house. Eventually, we would like to add on a porch that extends over the garage doors and allows us more patio room that comes off of the dining room sliding doors. 

The attic spaces were never intended to be living spaces so framing took up the upstairs space. Since we decided to open these spaces up, this will allow a lot more room for the extra bedroom, office, and creative space.

The tricky part of designing the layout was figuring where to put the stairs to go up. We decided to knock out some closet spaces on each side of the living room to add in the stairs.

Below is the view from the entry hallway, looking towards the left side of the house. Things are kind of hard to show placements as it's all framing right now but the design mockups help imagine how things will be eventually.

Below is the view from standing at the bedroom doors and looking towards the right side of the house. We will be taking out the hall closet and using that space for the stairway going up to the right side second floor.

Again, the new dormer framing will be happening within the next couple weeks to a months timing. That's the largest project to kick off renovations at the new house. As I mentioned in the last couple blogs, we plan to take on the projects as we can afford them so we don't have a full move-in time. It's been exciting designing and seeing the 3D model make this space come alive. After 17 years of storage, we're excited for this space to become a loving home where we can grow our family.

I'll be sharing more sneak peeks inside the house and our plans for the other spaces very soon. Especially the design inspiration and the mockups for each room. Thanks for following this new journey of ours. We're very excited to share it with you all.

Hugs, Alyssa

Design program: Sketch Up


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