The Flat- Second Bedroom Reveal

This bedroom reveal next to the master bedroom is one of my favorites and very dramatic. The layout of the room was a little different than the other with a "L" shaped layout. Shag carpet and the wood paneling covered the entire room. 

Once the room was cleared and carpet was ripped out, the room began to take shape. Like everything in the flat, the paneling received a fresh coat of paint and new hardwood flooring was laid. Below, you can see the room after our renters moved out from a year of living here and before we started to transform the space for the vacation rental. 

Before, we had painted the walls with sage-gray color but I knew I wanted to freshen up the space for a whole new vibe for the new vacation rental. We painted the walls white and added in the colored ombre' wall that you can find all the details HERE on how we finished it. The room also did not have any lights except for table lights. I snagged this gorgeous beaded chandelier off of Amazon and we wired it in for some overhead lighting. 

 The inspiration for this bedroom came from the thrifted blue velvet headboard. I loved the eccentric look it offered and ended up finding a blue velvet set of chairs to match the rooms vibes. I was aiming for shades of blue to set the tone and the patterns of the falsa blanket to settle the bohemian vibes. 

I found this huge industrial wood storage bin at a local auction and knew it would be perfect for this bedroom wall. After much persuasion, we finally ended up getting this tall and beautiful piece in its spot!



Curtains: Ikea | Charcoal/teal pillows: Ikea | Gray fuzzy pillows: Target | Chair accent pillow: Marshalls | Headboard, Chairs, Falsa blanket: Thrifted | Lamp + Shade: Lowes | Basket table stand: Home Goods | Mirrors + Bronze lights: Target | Chandelier: Amazon 

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