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This past Saturday we took our dear German friend Janes, back to the airport to fly back overseas. He was staying with our family for the month of January for an internship opportunity at our family business. I could hardly believe that the time went so fast. We were all so happy to see him again and are so eager to someday, go visit him and his family over in Germany. 
Janes (left), myself (middle), and my husband (right)
I had forgotten one thing that made him so great (and as I'm learning- most Germans are this way). One thing that I was reminded of and became so apparent again was his realness and honesty. He wasn't afraid to speak his real opinion about matters and he wasn't afraid of his opinions hurting others feelings. 
This was incredibly refreshing as in today's society, it is highly thought of not to fully speak your own opinion. In other terms, some people like to "beat around the bush". On the last couple days of his time here in Ohio, I had taken him to some local Amish furniture stores. After a minute of stepping into the first store and telling Janes what pieces I enjoyed, I looked at him and asked him if he too, liked some of the pieces. Without hesitation, a swift "no" jolted out. There was absolutely no hurt feelings but I enjoyed the realness of his own opinion. 
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If there was one thing Janes taught me indirectly, it would be "be real". Often times I find myself "beating around the bush" in hopes to hide my own opinion so it doesn't hinder the other person. What I realized after pondering the bluntness of Janes' opinions, is not only does it save emotional energy but you always knew when he was being honest! 
Just wanted to share my awareness from his visit and I challenge myself and you guys to share your honest opinion next time you feel like you're about to "beat around the bush".
Hugs, Alyssa

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