The New (Old) Interior Doors

When the Amish men started working on the dormers upstairs, I knew time was rushing to get the interior doors so they could finish out the framing downstairs. I knew I wanted something old with some charm and character. I also wanted doors that had the height to show off the tall ceilings that are in the house. I wasn't having any luck finding anything I truly loved until I visited the Columbus Architectural Salvage in Columbus. The. Best. Store. Ever. Hands down.

Here are all the goodies I found while down south. This white beautiful door, that will be going to the spare bathroom, has an arched window which stole my heart. The only problem we were running into was whether to have a swing door (which would compromise the amount of room in the bathroom) or to make it a pocket door. I was torn as I didn't want to hide this beautiful charm. 

We settled on making it a pocket door as I didn't want it to swing into the bathtub we will have underneath the windows. Best decision too as I think it will be beautiful! We plan to frost the glass to make the bathroom private and I picked up a beautiful, antique pocket door hardware. We will remove the old hinges and fill in the old handle holes on the left side.

All the doors are my favorite but these bedroom doors are so unexpected and huge that they make my heart melt instantly! As I was walking around the CAS, these pair of barn doors stood out. Again, like the bathroom door, we plan to frost the glass. I love the old charm and beaten up history. We plan to not make them slide but rather swing into the rooms.

I love how they mirror each other on each side of the NEW stairs! Swoon!!

All the little details that make it imperfect make it PERFECT for us! And did I mention they are thick and large!! 

Back in our master bath, I snagged this beauty with a ton of detail! This door, unlike the bedroom doors, is thin and lightweight! I would have loved to known where these doors came from! I'll be sharing the wardrobe that I snagged from Craigslist that we will be turning into our vanity too.

And lastly, the laundry door! The first door I had picked up and this one came from Marshall's Antique Warehouse in Canton! The chippy white goodness snagged my eyes and when I looked closer, the chicken wire glass stole the floor! A true beauty. I decked out this door with all the vintage hardware including beautifully detailed hinges! 

Can you see the vision for the doors?! I sure can! I love all the old charm these beauties are adding to our new build! Very soon I'll be sharing the progress the guys made upstairs in the dormers! We officially have windows and siding now! And there's so much room! I love it all! 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing our home update! The chickens are officially in their new coop so I'll be sharing more of that soon! 

Hugs, Alyssa

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