The Nursery- Our First Completed Room

Words can not describe how utterly filling your congratulations and excitement for Baby Eliot is. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for sharing joy with us. When we found out we were expecting- I knew our family would be overjoyed and recording their reactions was required.


As Taylor and I talked about how we would break the news to our parents- the idea of finishing out the nursery and having our ultra sound on a scroll in the middle of the room seemed most fitting. The only downfall: keeping the secret until our first 8 week appointment- yikes! Weeks passed, excitement grew and we quickly worked on the nursery quietly and secretively. We left majority of the painting and the wallpaper until the day of so that there would be no chance of spoiled the surprise. Watch the film here if you haven't yet.


For years, I've pinned stunning, muted nurseries with the hopes of one day designing our own. Inspired by European design- I knew decorative wainscoting, a soft greige color and light/airy flooring was needed. Topping these necessary elements was our beautiful salvaged barn doors that married our texture and color perfectly.

Let's cut to the pretty things. As promised, here's a look at our FIRST completed room in the farmhouse... our nursery.

When you walk into the nursery, muted hues and a sweet wallpaper dance on the walls in front of you; a sweet, soft treat. I found this stunning squirrel and bunny wallpaper on Anthropologie's website and it couldn't have fit our family more. I chose the color "Linen" as I felt it I could match a nice greige paint to it when it arrived.

I went with "Into The Gloaming" by Sherwin Williams for our perfect greigey-mushroom color that matched the wallpaper. Inspired by Chris Loves Julia- I opted to paint the walls in a eggshell finish and paint the window, floor and door trim in the same color but with a semi-gloss finish. The finish difference is sophisticated and eye catching as the light shines off of the trimming.

Let's talk wainscoting. As I mentioned above, I wanted the walls to feel very elegant and timeless. I opted for a DIY wainscoting (using trimming and chair-railing from Lowes) as a decorative way to dress up the walls. I'll be sharing a film on this process soon so that you can do it, too!
I decided to do 1 long rectangle and 2 smaller rectangles for the nursery. The fun part of designing your own wainscoting is that you can choose what type of millwork (thickness and design), spacing, squares/rectangles, etc.. More on this coming later!

Overall, the nursery is pretty well done. We'll add a chandelier (I'm thinkin' a crystal one- hubba-hubba!) and furniture... when we move in! I love that this nursery is gender neutral and that this room doesn't scream NEWBORN- with the exception of the wallpaper. Regardless, the wallpaper can be swapped out when babe is bigger and ready for change.
So whatcha think? I'm forseein' a linen/brass crib, a wardrobe and a stunning vintage rug to finish the nursery off! Yumm!

Of course, if you missed our big reveal- pop over to the blog post here to see our announcement and watch our reveal film! It's a good one! 
Hugs, Alyssa


  • Becky Dance

    Everything about the room says baby. It is simple but also eloquent. So sweet and pure. You did a beautiful job. Can’t wait to see it complete with baby.💞

  • GIna Weaver

    Congratulations!! What a beautiful reveal and the baby room is gorgeous!! Thank you fo sharing it all with us! I’m sitting here crying with you all! So excited to see your little bundle of joy and walk with you through this journey!!❤️

  • MIriam BEachy

    Absolutely precious! Now your ovaries don’t have to hurt any more! So happy for you!

  • Ti

    This is simply stunning! I can hardly wait to see the finish with the crib and furniture. It will surely be one the most beautiful spaces!

  • Ti

    The most eloquent and beautiful reveals and videos I have seen! LOVE You guys! Praying for those baby feet soon to come!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful moments! Blessings.

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