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Listen, it's only been a year since I promised y'all these lighting sources... BUT- here they FINALLY are! Phew. Where has the last year gone? I can hardly believe that last year at this time, our shoppe was nothing that it is today. I'm extremely thankful for that, too. As Taylor and I were looking back at our photos from a year ago he said it perfectly- "Man, am I thankful for all that work BUT grateful it's in the past."

I'm going to take you on a little lighting source tour of our entire shoppe. Are ya ready? Buckle in. First, we're going to begin in the very front of the shoppe and this light fixture is my ultimate favorite of them all. Let's go!

The large round chandelier in the front is from Arhaus. This Laila Large Chandelier (there's also a baby version) is the prettiest and the one that came with the largest price tag (very well worth every penny at that). I love this fixture because of its mercury glass detailing. I actually bought this light fixture for our "new" house and since it won't be done for another several years- it might as well get its use now. She's a pretty one, eh?

Moving along in this tour, we'll hit up the single glass pendants that line the shoppe on both sides. I snagged these globe pendants from Wayfair and I love how simple, yet elegant they are.

When designing our shoppe in the early months of 2019, I knew I wanted to incorporate a shiplap wall for displaying products. To light up this area, I chose to go with three swing arm lights, again from Wayfair. I love these lights for its style and bold black finish.

In the back corner of the shoppe, we hung this black wagon wheel chandelier for a different vignette and setting. I love that it's simple yet puts off a lot of light. I would love to incorporate this into our bedroom somehow at the new house.

This past winter, I created a beautiful winter display and in the midst of this display, I hung my second favorite fixture. This light is a knock off of Arhaus' Small Poppy Chandelier but about half of the cost. I grabbed this round crystal chandelier to hang in our spare bedroom (argh-hmm, *nursery* ((someday!)) at the new house. Well- nothing shall collect dust in the wait of things, so I incorporated this light into the front winter display. This light makes the most beautiful light shadows on our tin ceilings!

We'll finish up the front of the shoppe with the lights behind our checkout. I love these lights for their old-time vibes, however, you'll be disappointed to know that they were thrifted for a whopping $10 per light. I found some that are a little similar and linked them here on Wayfair.

Making our way to the back half of the shoppe/packaging area, we'll make a stop in what was our design studio and now houses our babe goods. I fell deeply in love with this shabby chic reproduction chandelier, yet again from Wayfair (seems I have a theme going). I wanted a french-countryside feel in this area, so this chandelier does the trick with its stained detailing and creamy tones.

Skipping back to my office, when I was designing the layout/design in this space, I knew I wanted two sconces to grace the sides of a scroll. I found the perfect, simple wall sconces that have a very elegant movement to them! I love these black satin wall sconces from Wayfair!

We'll wrap up this lighting tour in our back packaging area. I snagged three of these IKEA pendants and I love the brass finish. They put off a lot of light for packaging and were super affordable!

Originally out front on the display wall (where the black swing arm lights are), I had in mind to use these globe sconces that sweep across the back packaging wall. However, once I got them in, I knew they wouldn't work for that space so I pulled them back here and used them into this design. I love these milky globe sconces that feature an antique brass finish which feels so old school! Sign a sista up! 

 That concludes our lighting source tour. I hope you snagged some pretty lights for yourself and was able to grab some inspiration! There are so many options out there that I hope this helped! Do you have a favorite? I wanna know what you loved below!
Hugs, Alyssa

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    How much is the black hanging chandelier. I couldn’t find in your shop but it was hanging up

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