The Story Behind The Green Velvet Couch

Good morning friends! I've been longing to show you guys all something that is near and dear to my heart. But first I have to tell you a little back story before we get to the really great stuff.
So back when we knew we were going to turn this downtown apartment into a vacation rental, I began endlessly to scroll through Pinterest filling my head with all kinds of inspiration and style for this space. I wanted the space to feel hip but also have tons of unique character that reflects the downtown of the historic Millersburg. I had the vision of a green velvet couch but as I began vigorously looking and searching, I came up short. I couldn't find any on the sale sights and if I did, they cost my left arm. I remember to this day, looking at my sweet husband saying, "Taylor, I would loooove to have a green velvet couch!!" His reply? "Hun, you're crazy." He officially thought I'd fallen off the coo-coo couch. Anyway, I tried looking for one for about a week then dropped it.
Since then, our tenants that were renting the space had moved out of the space and we bought their old couch that they had bought a year ago. End of story right?
Wrong. Last week one evening I had been scrolling through Craigslist one evening and came across this gorgeous velvet couch that appeared to be a teal-blue color. It looked to be in pretty good shape and they were asking $100. Holy cow, did I just see that correct?! The next morning my gracious in-laws were in the area and picked up the couch for me. When I was able to go over that evening and check the couch out, my heart leapt. The couch was immaculate and it was green. What?! Did I just score the green velvet couch that I always dreamt of?! Yes.
Let me tell you what. . . this was a gift from God. Literally. God knows my heart and my desires. He knows your heart and he knows your desires. When I first saw that green velvet couch, I chuckled to myself because I knew exactly where it came from.  God instantly reminded me that He's a gracious Father and he will always provide.
So why am I telling you this small, funny story? Because no matter what you are going through, big or small, God knows your desires. He knows exactly what you're going through and He's there. Though my story may be very small and materialistic in this way, God is behind it and He's behind your story as well.
So I pray this for you, 
"God, we come before you. We come and kneel before an amazing Father. Thank you. Thank you for all the treasures and gifts you bring us. Small and big. Lord, I pray for those struggling to see the bigger picture. God, I ask you be with those who needed this reminder this morning and those reading this exact prayer. I pray that you comfort those in need and I pray you rise up those. I ask that you love and remind those that you have their best interest and only you can bring them to where they need to be. May you bless little gifts to them throughout the day and bring a smile to their face when they think of you. You are an amazing Father and we love you so much. You are a Father of happiness and joy. Thank you Lord. 
Hugs, Alyssa

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