Vintage Market Days, Columbus, Ohio

Back in October, I was asked to photograph Vintage Market Days of West Columbus. I loved the opportunity to jump aboard with so many creatives in one space. VMD is a upscale market where fellow creatives and designers come. I was also able to set up with all my scrolls and cater to the Columbus surrounding women. 

Upon arriving, I had never done a show to this large scale and I was extremely nervous being surrounded with so many vendors that were "pros" in this kind atmosphere. I had no idea how many scrolls to bring and what the women were going to think! The event went extremely well and I was so thankful for my parents that helped out during the show. VMD ran a Thursday-Saturday which conflicted with my wedding schedule. I was contracted to photograph a wedding for that Saturday and was sad at the thought of missing the show that day. My parents were so gracious and offered to work the show that day. Wow. I am very blessed with their support and helpful hearts.

The inspiration for this show was all centered around this arch of dried hydrangeas that represented the dry, fall beauty. The Autumn Leaf Scroll was the perfect centerpiece to the look. The deep pink/red hydrangeas on the table were even from our flower garden which made it very special.

To show off the designs of each scroll, we used the small shiplap wall to display all the different looks. Most of the scrolls seen, come in the two sizes. We also used the double galvanized tubs to hold the mini scrolls! 

There were so many beautiful and generous words spoken at the show. I was able to meet so many of you who stopped by to purchase a scroll. I appreciate the overwhelming support and love that you guys give to me on a daily basis. The scrolls were a gifted idea and labor of love. Thank you for always supporting my dream. 

A huge shout out and thanks to those who ran and prepared the show. You guys are troopers.

Hugs, Alyssa

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