VMD Recap- Columbus Fall 2018

A few weeks ago we attended the Vintage Market Days of West Columbus for our third time. We love being apart of this show for many reasons. Every show, Kirsten and Andres up their game and the quality of the vendors and experience gets better and better.

Since this show was at the beginning of September, I wanted to display a clothing line of scrolls as a good bye to the summer months. Wicker laundry baskets filled with bountiful white sheets and scrolls tubes centered the front table. Fall/thanksgiving scrolls hung beautifully as a welcome to new eyes.

The new arrival for this fall/holiday season was the Moose Scroll. I really feel the Moose Scroll can be styled for the fall and Christmas season! For this fall display, I really wanted a pretty sage/teal green to cover the walls to really pop the orange leaves of the oak stems and the hornets nest.

At this show we had a lot more garlands and greens to decorate the scrolls with. One of the new additions at the show that I loved was this spanish moss that is great for fall/halloween.

Y’all also know I’m a wedding photographer so I’m extremely grateful for the help of my parents. They’re ALWAYS going out of their way to help me when I can not attend Saturday shows. Without their help, I couldn’t juggle the things I do. They’re the absolute best.

The overall weekend was a sure taste of fall. There was rain showers and colder weather started to move in half way through the show. However, this didn’t change y’alls minds for coming out and shopping. It was a great weekend and I was tickled to meet some of you guys!!

Hugs, Alyssa

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