We have drywall!

Last week drywall started to go up at the new farmhouse. This changed things! Holy cow! Taylor and I walked into the house after the first day and we couldn't believe our eyes. The house FEELS like a house now and after seeing framing for the last two years, this was refreshing! 

This is the view standing from the dining table and looking out towards the living room. These sliding doors span out to the big deck I shared here. To the right is the kitchen and to the left is the bedrooms. I love the vaulted ceilings in this room. 

DESIGN PLAN: Both end caps will be installed with stone veneer and finished off with a heavily over-grouted, European-inspired grout. Think Joanna Gaines' gristmill kitchen! The inside door trimming will be painted a smoky black to pop against the stone and linen-inspired drapes will hang estately above the transom. Taylor's skull mounts and taxidermy will be hung on the stone walls to finish off our hunting-chateau desire. Eventually, we would love to add some rustic beams to the vaulted ceiling.

Next up is the kitchen... wait until you see this beauty! Turn right from the dining room and you'll be greeted with this view! I had these gorgeous old corbels that I've been hoarding for years but when we hung them up to determine our design plan- they didn't feel "right". We decided to keep them for another project and we opted to do a drywalled arch. I sketched out the design, cut them with the jigsaw and we hung them-  PERFECT! I love that this arch feels like a subtle detail and won't compete with everything else going on in the kitchen.

DESIGN PLAN: You can see a little peep of the custom vent hood (more coming soon) to the left of the kitchen. Taylor (on the right) was working on the live-edge wood bar top that will span across the large kitchen windows... again, more coming soon. We will be mixing lots of rustic woods, quartz-like marble, vertical shiplap, creamy greiges and copper/brass!

And the last little peek in the house is the master bedroom. Not much has happened in here yet but you can see the incredible job North Central Insulation did on all our walls. Taylor and I were so impressed by their amazing job that we highly recommend them if you're in the need for an insulation job. 

DESIGN PLAN: These plans are still up in the air but we did purchase our flooring which a dark, beautiful laminate floor. I want it to feel open, airy and romantic. I'm thinking a ceiling light medallion, other wall trimmings and linens.

Seeing the house in drywall is so exciting and a huge milestone. We bought all our flooring earlier this week and I'll be sharing more details/sources soon as we move forward. Thanks for following along in this process! I love hearing how you guys enjoy following the design projects!

Hugs, Alyssa


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  • KariLeeBranagan

    I must say I’ve been LOVING watching your vision come to life! I’m obsessed! And the timing is so great, we’re working on closing on a home and you are so incredibly inspiring! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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