Back Room Update- Wallpaper

Thought I’d pop on in and give you guys a much-anticipated update on the backroom... we have wallpaper! Cute little tree squirrels spread the back wall in the room and it’s so darling. Honestly, I was a bit astonished at how much the wallpaper changed the maturity and feel of the room. Check out the full design plan here.

I dove right into the wallpapering project. So much so, that I thought this wallpaper was just like our shoppe mural and I missed the fact that our squirrel wallpaper was NOT pre-pasted. Whoops. So it took me a couple of extra days to get the right tools and after a few nights work- we were left with some pretty squirrelly views.

I love looking back the hall now to see this wallpaper wall. Another update is that I got the wardrobe pieces from IKEA installed and I love the finished look it adds. The wardrobe and dresser have so much more useable storage than I anticipated and I love it. My clothes are now hidden behind doors and we have more storage (since our home lacks closets).

 With the wallpaper and wardrobe/dresser installed, I’m ready to move forward with the rest of the room design. I would love to build onto the wardrobe to make it look built-in and to give more storage above the wardrobe. I think having it built-in too, will draw the eye up and make this wall feel more custom.

Our new windows were installed too and there are no more drafts! Yay! That alone made our home so much better. With wallpaper done and the new windows in, we can move forward with trimming and painting!

What do you think of the new wallpaper? Pretty squirrelly, eh?

Hugs, Alyssa


  • Esther

    Love it! Of course I’d expect nothing different from you… P may just think it’s her room now! 😆🐿

  • Jane

    Looks Fabulous 😍

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