Bedroom Lights Are Hung- The Flat

We have bedroom lights! Yah! This past weekend my dad and I worked on hanging the bedroom lights. Well. . . he hung them and I watched! There weren't any bedroom lights, with the exception of a table-side light. Not always the most practical, especially in the dark! 
In the master bedroom, I picked up Magnolia's adorable vintage pendants. . . which unfortunately I believe they don't sell any longer. I chose to hang each pendant on each side of the bed for a vintage-industrial feel. We topped off the lights with vintage Edison light bulbs which glow a warm cozy light in the evening.

In the spare bedroom, I picked up a gorgeous wooden chandelier off of Amazon. I love this chandelier because it is the perfect organic, textured piece that anchors the room. I'm excited to pull this room together and see how everything fits together. 

You can view last weeks blog on how I achieved the dry brushed paint look in the space bedroom HERE!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you love how the progress at the flat is going! Tell me what you think below! 
Hugs, Alyssa

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