Design Studio Cabinets- Finished

The cabinets and counters in the back design studio are finished! Can I get an amen up in here?! We decided to go the route of IKEA cabinets, which you can find here. The second half of the project was finishing out the laminate countertops. We have never installed laminate ourselves but we decided what better time than now, right?
We laid two 3/4" fibre core/particle board for our counter base so that we had something to glue the laminate to. Once both tops were laid and screwed together, we routed our edges to make sure they were both the same width and length throughout. We gave about a half inch overhang.

Once the edges were all flush with each other and the screw holes were filled and sanded, we were able to move forward. We cement glued the laminate sheets to the fibre core board and let it dry for 24 hours. There was about an inch overhang of laminate on the outward edging and top sheets. Once dry, we took the router to cut off the extra laminate so that everything looked finished. After a good sanding and filing, we were finished! Yay!
I am so happy with how things turned out. It's so great to have a working countertop that we can package and ship from!


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  • Sandi

    They look beautiful! Would this type work in a kitchen? Where did you get your laminate? Thank you!!

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