Eleanor The Camper:: After + Final Reveal

Oh sweet Eleanor.. you are our favorite. About a month and a half ago we purchased Eleanor. You can view the entire before here. We bought her completely gutted and in soar shape. We found the camper on Craigslist and my husband was drawn to it for it's small size and light weight load. Every year we attend a large traditional archery shoot in PA so we had a goal to finish it by this past weekend so we could take it on it's first outing. Maybe not the smartest decision to take it 400 miles one way for it's first trip out but she survived! 
We're both very pleased with how it turned out and so happy for the handy work of the men at Action Airstream who did all the work on it. I had a dream of combining a rustic-traditional-retro look into Eleanor. We are so excited to take her on so many more camping trips in the future! 
We used a stick on subway tile from Home Depot to keep it lightweight and durable. Super easy to install and only took me under an hour to do! 
We purchased this way cool retro black mini fridge from Urban Outfitters. For about fifty dollars more than a regular plain one, we decided this would only add to the retro/vintage look we wanted!
Sadly because of how rough Eleanor was, the only couple things that are original are the copper gas light hanging above the table and the window frames.
We used a birch bendable wood to wrap the entire inside of the trailer. I didn't want any orange/yellow tints so we opted in for a clear coat epoxy to really pop the wood grains.
When I first started to envision Eleanor, I wanted a timeless look. Something that really spoke to the classic look we wanted. Black and white stripes were the answer. 

We had all of our inside upholstery and outside awning/chairs custom made by a local Amish man. Since the trailer had no guts, we had to start from the very beginning. 
My sweet husband, Taylor.  The man that forever puts up with my wild ideas and goes along with any of the renovations that I drag him through. There were times when we were camping and all we could do was stare at the finished camper then turn to each other with the biggest grins. I think we both know this little camper will hold lots of stories and memories.
Thanks for reading and I hope this inspire you to renovate a lil' cutie too! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below! Share, like and love so your friends can enjoy Eleanor too! 
Hugs, Alyssa

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