Farmhouse Entry Tile Reveal

Back when my belly was growing by the week with Jules, I started tiling our entry way with the most beautiful marble tiles. This entryway is the most used doorway in our home and is unique because there's a step down landing right inside the door. The door is on the left and a coat closet is on the right.

When I was scrolling through the gram, I came across Julia's laundry room with these large marble tiles and I was instantly transferred to the Versailles palace in France. A common design element we saw while in France were black and white tiles- some marble, some ceramic. I love how classic and timeless these subtle gray and white marble tiles are.


The landing is pretty small at about 3x4'. With how tight this area is, I thought that if I was able to pull the tiles up into the hallway, it would expand the entryway and give us room for a small bench to put shoes on.

I also wanted a unique transition from the tile to the laminate flooring like our shoppe entry tile. When I finally got all my tiles pieces in I began to dry fit them to the design in my head.

The only problem I was having was finding a unique enough transition that fit the scale of the 18x18" tiles. I wanted something other than a straight line across the hallway for visual depth (and there wasn't a great spot to the tiles straight across). Ultimately I decided on this slant cut which connects the doorway in the laundry room (left) to the entry into our kitchen (right). This transition still felt traditional, yet unique to our home.

At the shoppe, I had laid the tiles first and then we cut the laminate flooring around the tiles. This time, we laid the laminate flooring first and then laid the tiles into the flooring. After dry fitting the tiles in their spots, I took a sharpie and drew my cut lines- leaving a 1" gap between the tiles and laminate for our threshold (yet to come).

After our lines were drawn, Taylor took the circular saw and put the blade to the right depth to cut the laminate flooring. On the spots where he couldn't fit the circular saw, he used the oscillating saw for more control.

My finishing details are yet to be done but our entry is coming along! I grouted the tiles once they were glued down with a soft gray color and it's perfect! Next up is finishing the trim work, cutting the door jams and loads of caulking/painting!

I plan to paint the area above the door and closet the same black color so that the doorways look taller than what they are, too. The step down landing makes the normal 7'ish door look shorter- especially with our 9' ceilings. I'll be sure to update you guys when those details come together more!

Hugs, Alyssa



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