February Shoppe Tour

Spring is right around the corner and there's an eagerness stirring in me. Spring products are slowly rolling in and displays are evolving each week. I have a love/hate relationship with this slow season during these short winter months. There are days I find comfort in how slow things are; to do the tasks I've been meaning to get to. And there are days I desire the hustle/bustle. 

As I talked about the vision for the shoppe this year in this blog post, I'm really trying to refine my style. What does that look like? Eh, I'm still trying to figure that out myself but a good start is finding those pieces that really elevate our brand and working around those pieces.

We have some beautiful picks in the shoppe right now- one including these trio of incredible chandeliers that we hung last week in the front window. My hopes are to wire them in soon so that we have some beautiful lit crystal in the windows in the nights. The trio anchors the table setting below and pairs beautifully with our salvaged marble fireplace.

Opposite of the new crystal chandeliers, your eyes will span from floor to ceiling with these incredible pair of old doors that make the perfect focal point. Our new Love scroll hangs in the middle while surrounded by some of our last winter branches in our favorite cast iron/galvanized containers.

Just a little walk to the right will bring you to our kitchen section where all our favorite brass and marbled utensils gather. Nothing makes my heart happier than a organized and beautiful white shelf holding all our pretty inventory.

In the middle of the shoppe, we have a handful of our best selling rooted ferns that look incredible in glass hurricanes. Our potting bench inspired table holds our favorite terra-cotta and wicker planters. If you're looking for the more inspiring tablescapes for any season, pick up Courtney Allison's, Inspired Gatherings book while you're circling this market table.

We have a old mail cart that we turned into a bar top to hold some more products. Our Lake totes are the perfect spring introduction surrounded by more inspiring books.

Making your way to the back corner of the shoppe, you'll wander into our bath section where we recently stacked all our Beekman 1802 soaps/lotions on this old chippy bread rack. Since we're still waiting on some of our "fluff"- aka: our florals/botanicals, I pulled out some of our pampas grass to fill in this neutral corner. Our handmade jewelry spans across our aged pedestal tubs.

 Each week, we have new products arriving and displays are constantly changing. Make sure to keep following our Instagram stories to see more in-time changes. Hopefully this short February shoppe tour was inspiring! 

Hugs, Alyssa

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