Market Recap 2022

Last week mom and I hopped on the plane to head south to Atlanta, Ga. We attended my second Market and Mom's first. America's Mart is a large 3 building convention held in downtown Atlanta where business owners can view, shop and experience all the new products/trends for the year. The perks of us going to Market is to find new vendors and products for the shoppe. It's also really nice to be able to touch and see the products in the showroom while ordering because often times the product images online don't do the product justice. 


Mom and I specifically went to Market to purchase our fall and Christmas goods. Though it seems not as exciting (as we just passed Christmas and most are ready for fresh spring goods), it's nice to shop these holidays while the past season is fresh on our minds. Just as I was several years ago, Mom was overwhelmed at the sheer size of Market for the first day.


Spread amongst three buildings (each building holding about 18-20 floors high), thousands of wholesalers/vendors set up their showrooms with their newest products in hopes to gather orders for the year from buyers (like us). Market has everything and anything! From soft goods, furniture, lighting, kids gadgets, kitchenwares, garden items, jewelry and clothing- one can literally get swallowed alive with all that's available.


We spent the first afternoon just walking around and letting mom get comfortable with the floor layouts. Dedicating a day to just walk around and get a feel for things is very necessary. The next day we had a handful of appointments set up and we started to do some buying. By the end of the week, Mom was sitting there (her voice filled with enthusiasm and excitement) talking about all that we bought and all the display combinations we can do later this year. 


Overall, I'm so happy to have spent the time with Mom and I'm excited for products to start arriving. As we solely went to buy for fall and Christmas, we do have some products arriving as they're available throughout the year; some even coming next week!

Seeing the trends throughout the vendor displays is so intriguing. From showroom to showroom, you can start to see a consistent idea or thought- each with their own style or twist. Here are some of the trends we saw while shopping for Christmas: 

1. Nostalgic Christmas featuring shades of cherry red and turquoise 
2. Stars! 
3. Mushrooms- think whimsical woodland wonderland



    While visiting each showroom, I find it best to pick apart the products. While some of the displays may not interest me, I can always count on finding a small handful of products that I like within that larger display. This results in a curated style that makes up our shoppe aesthetic and makes our shoppe unique from the next store. Of course I'm always drawn to all the white and gold glitz so my cup was over flowing with these finds...



    While we were shopping for autumn and Christmas, like I mentioned above- one can buy everyday items as well. The buyers are responsible for asking when products are available for shipping and most are in-stock, ready to ship. While shopping around, I found more babe boutique items and everyday goods that would be perfect for spring and summer.


    Here's a snippet of some pretties coming soon to our shoppe... 


    Ah, that color palate is just so calming and spring-like, I love it! I shared a bunch of Market tips in my story highlights over on Instagram. If you're another shop owner like myself and you're intimidated by the thought of going to Market, you have to check out our FAQ's and tips in our "Market Tips" highlight. 


    Cottonwood Shanty Instagram 

    Overall, I'm so thrilled with what's to come. As I talked about in our 2022 Shoppe Vision blog here, this year is all about refining my dream and vision for the products in our shoppe. I also shared some inspiration photos for the shoppe!  

    Thanks for popping by to read about our Market recap! Let me know what you're most excited to see this year from CWS below!


    Hugs, Alyssa

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    • Jenn

      Oh my word, be still my heart!!! I’m loving the brass bells with the velvet ribbon (idk what it is about the two but I’m addicted to them) and will have to have them

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