New Addition To The Flower Garden + Flower Update

Being in the flower garden during the golden hour is magical. Even in the wee hours of the morning where everything is freshly watered from a morning rain is enchanting. I wanted to share the newest addition to the flower garden that my in-laws surprised me with this past weekend. 
I purposefully made the first row between the flower beds larger than the rest because I knew eventually I wanted to add some kind of entrance arbor to really enhance the garden. Little did I know though that my in-laws would surprise me with the most beautiful chipping white metal arbor that fits so well in the garden. When they came home last Saturday evening, my breath was taken away but how beautiful this arbor was. Check it out!

Not only does it have the perfect rusty white worn look but it's so timelessly beautiful. The small details and gorgeous delicate shelving makes it a perfect place to house beautiful blooms in pots. 
It's so elegantly beautiful and makes the perfect entrance into the flower garden that is slowly evolving. I am so thankful for this piece as I know it'll make many great memories where it sits. 
I will forever love this piece and I know it has found it's forever home here. To see this garden transform from little seedlings to now full, lush blooms has made my heart so happy. I wanted to also update you guys on the blooms and show you all how things are doing! 
The zinnias are abundantly taking over their bed and are busting at the seams. There are so many blooms that I hardly expected to see this many! There's also the rusty tub that now has one dahlia bloom that has opened within the last couple days! I can not wait to see more color pop through the tub! 
The hydrangeas are also doing well and my middle white (I forget what kind it is) is now transforming into its shade of blush pink before it turns strawberry red! 
I can't express enough for how grateful and happy I am about the new addition to the arbor! I could stay in the garden all day and never grow tire of the sights. Thank you Scott + Jeanie! Love you guys! 
What's your favorite part of the garden? I'd love to hear below! Also if you want to see the garden "before" check out this blog post.
Hugs, Alyssa

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