Ombre' Blue Accent Wall:: The Flat

Success!! We finally nailed the look of the accent wall that I was desiring and I couldn't be more in love with the outcome. After the dry-brushed wall effect that I showed y'all HERE, I liked the wall but I wasn't in love with the wall at the flat. So I called up my girlfriend and she came to the rescue! I was inspired by this gorgeous distressed wall from Anthropologie that I had seen the week before and we decided to give it a try. The wall at the store had an ombre' effect with distressed touches. . . as you can see below. 
So we started by taking the original teal/blue color and layered it nice and thick on the bottom third of the wall. We then took white paint and added in a little bit of the blue paint to make it a soft blue color and layered that on the top third of the wall, as pictured above (you can also see the middle section on the wall above was the old dry-brushed wall peaking through). We then took the soft blue and added more blue color to the paint to make it an in between color of the light and dark. We painted that on in the middle third of the wall. 
Taking our paint brushes, we slowly stroked the three layers of blue together to start an ombre' effect on the wall. We also took a household sponge that was lightly wet and softly stroked the layers into one another. The last and final piece to the effect was taking a spray bottle of warm water with a dash of white paint mixed in. We sprayed the top of the wall and let the water/paint spray run down the wall to add a nice dripping effect when dry. 
I love this look and it's here to stay. Take a look at the end results! 
Let me know what you think of this ombre' accent wall below and make sure to stop back soon as I give this velvet headboard a quick update!! Thanks for reading! 
Hugs, Alyssa


  • Heather H

    This is a great look!

  • Leslie Brown

    Love this! What are the exact colors you used?

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