Paint in the Backroom

The back room at our house is slowly being put back to "normal'- other words: not a hot mess. I'm trying to finish out painting the window trim I installed here and finishing the wall paint before the new house projects start rollin'. I hope you guys can bounce between the two house projects and keep things straight, haha.

The walls got a fresh coat of paint several weeks ago and I love how the BM, "Cumulous Cloud" accents the squirrel wallpaper! The color is a darker taupe/greige and with our cream textured curtains- the walls accents a nice contrast.

I went with BM, "White Dove" (a crisp, warm white) on the window trim. I love how the white accents the new color, too.

I still have to finish the built-ins above the wardrobe and I need to paint the wall above the dresser. One beautiful detail I added was the "fancy" antique brass register covers I installed. The gold registers are an unexpected detail that puts a smile on my face. I saved the old ones so that when we move, I can take the fancy-schmancy ones to the new house, too. 


I've been slowly chipping away at painting. This backroom was the first to be done and I just finished the living room paint. With the new windows, we had to do some touchups so I'm just giving everything a nice refresh. You can see where this room started here- yikes. 

Hugs, Alyssa

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